sedfitter.plot_params_1d(input_fits, parameter, output_dir=None, select_format=('N', 1), log_x=False, log_y=True, label=None, bins=30, hist_range=None, additional={}, plot_name=True, format='pdf', dpi=None)

Make histogram plots of parameters

input_fits : str or sedfitter.fit_info.FitInfo or iterable

This should be either a file containing the fit information, a sedfitter.fit_info.FitInfo instance, or an iterable containing sedfitter.fit_info.FitInfo instances.

parameter : str

The parameter to plot a histogram of

output_dir : str, optional

If specified, plots are written to that directory

select_format : tuple, optional

Tuple specifying which fits should be plotted. See the documentation for a description of the tuple syntax.

log_x : bool, optional

Whether to plot the x-axis values in log space

log_y : bool, optional

Whether to plot the y-axis values in log space

label : str, optional

The x-axis label (if not specified, the parameter name is used)

bins : int, optional

The number of bins for the histogram

hist_range : tuple, optional

The range of values to show

additional : dict, optional

A dictionary specifying additional parameters not listed in the parameter list for the models. Each item of the dictionary should itself be a dictionary giving the values for each model (where the key is the model name).

plot_name: bool, optional

Whether to show the source name on the plot(s).

format: str, optional

The file format to use for the plot, if output_dir is specified.

dpi : int, optional

The resolution of the figure to save